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School Districts/Schools Demographic Data

Map of MS Public School Districts

Number of County, Agricultural, and Separate School Districts

Number of School Board Members by Type of School District

List of School Districts by County and District Number

Number of Public School Districts by Size (Enrollment)

Number of Public Schools by Size (Enrollment)

Number of Public Schools 1987-2006

School Accreditation Overview

Student Enrollment

Official Net Membership-First Month Enrollment (September)

Average Daily Attendance of Months 1-9 (September through May)

Net Enrollment and Average Daily Attendance Ranking

Comparison of Net Enrollment, Average Daily Attendance, Cumulative Enrollment, Average Daily Membership, and Average Daily Attendance

Fall Enrollment by Year 1996-97 to 2006-07

Cumulative Enrollment by Year 1996-97 to 2006-07

Average Daily Attendance by Year 1997-98 to 2006-07 (Months 1-9)

State, District, and School Enrollment by Race/Gender with Poverty Data

Official Graduation/Completion/Drop-Out Data

Number of Students Promoted/Non-Promoted

Facilities, Transportation and School Safety

Public School Building Fund




MS Adequate Education Program

Appropriations for Public Education in Mississippi (Graphic)

Expenditures for Public Schools

Expenditures Per Pupil (in ADA)

Expenditures by Functional Area (2 pages per district)

Expenditures by Source (Local-State-Federal)

Percentage District Administrative Expenditures

Receipts for Public Schools

Revenue by Source (Local-State-Federal)

Assessment and Ad Valorem Tax Statistics

Statewide Assessment

Mississippi Statewide Assessment System

District and School Personnel

Superintendents' and Assistant Superintendents' Age and Experience

Training of Instructional Personnel 1975-76 to 2006-07

Instructional Personnel by Years of Experience

Number and Average Salary of Classroom Teachers 1963-64 to 2006-07

Level of Certification- Superintendents, Instructional Personnel, and Classroom Teachers

Public School Personnel by Job Classification-FTE/Count

Instructional Personnel -FTE/Average Salary

FTE/Average Salaries of Certified Instructional Personnel

Classroom Teachers (FTE-Pupils Per Teacher-Salary)

Average Salary and Expenditures Per Pupil in Southeastern United States

Mississippi Teacher Incentive Programs

Office of Vocational Education and Workforce Development

Overview/Secondary Programs/Post-Secondary Programs